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The day-to-day entertainment for cats and cat lovers,  by two fluffy Ragdoll cats: Princess Daisy Blue & Fluffy Boris SugarPuffs

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Winners of the Halloween 2015.

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Filou aka ‘The Enforcer’

“ I maintain law and order in my neighbourhood. I haven’t had to use the guillotine… yet…”   

Mimi aka ‘Black Terror Cat’

“ I like to sleep on a soft feathers… Prrr P.S. Don’t ask about the original owner of the feathers…!”

KaZee aka ‘KeeKee or Night Vampire’

“My name is KaZee sometimes they call me KeeKee… Don't I look sweet? I am but I love to bite my Mom's fingers while she is sleeping...hard!......hehehe”

KaZee Mimi Filou Visit KaZee's Google+ page Visit Filou & Mimi Cat Google+ page

Tickles aka ‘Chainsaw Massacre Cat’
“ I am a mild mannered, humble and lovable kitty cat, just don’t tickle me!…”

Visit Tickles Cat Google+ page

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