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The day-to-day entertainment for cats and cat lovers,  by two fluffy Ragdoll cats: Princess Daisy Blue & Fluffy Boris SugarPuffs

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‘I was a very shy girl and I used to hid under the bed and growl at everyone… but my new family were so nice to me I stopped being scared.

They looked after me when I was very unwell…and I love them and enjoy Christmas very much! It’s time for lots of things to play with… P.S. I like my foodies and quick tummy rub…’

Sandy - ‘Gift wrapping specialist’

‘I am a professional gift wrapper cat with over 15 years of experience… Let me share with you my dear cats how I do this: first, you do not let you human to do any wrapping, you know they are terrible wrappers! So if you see them starting - you just jump and try to take all that paper away, then sit on their laps and pretend you are having a nap… Prrr prrr I do enjoy Christmas and that funny Santa with white fluff on this face… ‘

Christmas Countdown 2015


Rufus Von Gingerballs

‘You know that humans are very silly? They drugged me with cat nip just to get me to put that hat on… and now my letter to Father Christmas (Santa):

‘I think I have been a good kitty this year, I have never had a toilet accident in the humans house.

I have never stole any food,left on the Kitchen work-top.

I never help my self to my cat treat's, when left unattended.

I have kept vermin under control in the garden, no mice get in the house.

I try not to claw the furniture, but some time's can't help myself.

Please please could you put a few packet's of Vet's Kitchen cat treat's in my stocking. See my picture here to see what I mean.

All my love Rufus von Gingerballs

Louis ‘Smoochy Boy’

‘My mummy took this sneaky photo of me when I was falling asleep on her lap… She was making a Christmas video… and my eyes were getting heavy… and I was getting so tired… Prrr prrr’

Mino ‘Sweet Romantic Cat’

‘I’ve been staying at the hotel called “The Cats Refuge” and one day come she…  Our eyes met and it was love at the first glance ❤   I’ve decided to come and stay with her forever. This Christmas will be our second one and we will spend it together… We will be decorating our Christmas Tree and I can’t wait to climb on top of it…Meow… ’

‘I usually stay at home at Christmas (it’s too cold outside) and as I have been at my best ever cat behaviour this year, so I made a list to the Father Christmas:

Dear father Christmas, please bring me: le poulet freshly grilled (you can find several in my village), a plate of tuna nicoise and lobster merigne. Ok, that should be enough. Meow’

Filou ‘Village Charmer’

Goose ‘The Cat’

‘I loved Christmas and everyone loved The Goose and the Christmas tree…’

P.S. Ms Goose is no longer with us, her owner Mslazyplay describes her as ‘a faithful friend… I love and miss my beautiful Girl :)’

Mimi ‘The Florist’

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Puga ‘Witty-Kitty’

‘I am the oldest and the wises of all pets (and humans) in my house, I used to live on the street for 7 months until I settled myself comfortably. I like helping everyone and with everything around the house. It’s hard to say what I like more …but I know that I am best at unpacking Christmas gifts…

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‘I love ribbons around the Christmas presents. I don’t know what’s inside those boxes, but they look so nice that I can’t help myself but have a quick snoop … Meow’

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 ‘Loving-Crazy Cat’

‘I am Pierrot, a four-year-old rescue kitty. Humans say I am little crazy, but I love my humans so I try to make them happy. I adopted them about a year and a half ago… ’

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‘I am a gentle cat called Mimi… I love flowers very much, no garden goes without my help! I think I want to be a florist in my next life (I used only one out of nine so far… but I might change my mind of course, as I am a cat!’

Mimi has lots of nice pictures, visit Mimi’s page.

‘I love Christmas! I am always ready to help with decorations, and of course I pose in front of all that hard work I’ve done and than I just curl up under the tree and have sweet-sweet purr dreams… I wonder about all those wonderful glittering things hanging all over the flat that I am going to play tomorrow…’

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KaZee -

‘The Furry Christmas Helper’

Sasha ‘ Mom’s Little Helper’

‘I am Sasha and at Christmas I help my mom with decorations, while sitting on a table I help her to pick which ones to put up…’

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‘I am Alex, I love to kick back and watch everyone fuss at Christmas, being 19 I know just to wait and Santa Paws will arrive and fill my stocking with new toys, mice, treats and my favourite Catnip!’

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Annie Bear

About me


‘The Beautiful Princess’

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Sir Quimby

‘I am still a kitten -yes, I am the youngest contestant here! And just like Daisy and Boris I am a Ragdoll…

Recently I was invited to a Santa Claus pet supply store. Cats, you wont believe what I saw there Meow … I just hope they weren’t serious about the mobile Vets!

Of course being the only Sir Meow in the shop I was the Cat of the Show :)

My humble servant posts a lot about me and my pikkies, so you all are invited to visit my google+ page.

See more of me

‘I am and I will be The Beautiful Princess. I want to be a great mouse catcher when I grow up. I can Sit, Shake Hands and Fetch.  I can also climb on the potted plants and everything else where I can take care of my nails and practice my skills. Naturally I'm really smart. I I was born to be Wonderful.

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‘I am good at rooting through presents… the more presents the better of course!

My humans promised to get me a new scratching post (the other one I torn to pieces with my cat brother…heh heh)…




‘I am all white cat, I look like a snow… What can I say… I am just a Perrrfect Christmas cat!…and don’t listen to Kristina above I don’t eat paper from the printer it’s her…Btw she took part in the first countdown…she was aka ‘Scream’… ’


Congratulations to Sandy, Rufus von Gingerballs and Filou.

Many thanks to everyone for taking part in this Christmas Countdown 2015.

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