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The day-to-day entertainment for cats and cat lovers,  by two fluffy Ragdoll cats: Princess Daisy Blue & Fluffy Boris SugarPuffs

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Mimi aka ‘Black Terror Cat’

“ I like to sleep on a soft feathers… Prrr
P.S. Don’t ask about the original owner of the feathers…!”

Baji Cat aka ‘Naughty Tortie’

“ Look at me or I will claw your sofa … Ha-ha-ha
I will claw it anyway! ... What? You won’t let me out today? Just watch what I am going to do with you lovely door screens...!”

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Tickles aka ‘Chainsaw Massacre Cat’

“ I am a mild mannered, humble and lovable kitty cat, just don’t tickle me!…”

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Filou aka ‘The Enforcer’

“ I maintain law and order in my neighbourhood. I haven’t had to use the guillotine… yet…”   

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Mo aka ‘Boss Lady or Zombie’

“My human doesn’t understand - I prefer to eat at night! Sometimes she pretends not to hear my meows, so I walk on her… If this has no effect I start removing the objects on the bedside table/nightstand… I am always grateful when she wakes up brrr, brrr…”

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Taiga aka ‘Russian Blue’

“ I am a mysterious cat…
… I like to purr very load…”

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Fikus aka ‘Chicken Carer ’

“ I once worked at the chicken
factory… but then got invited to look after humans…”

Esteban aka ‘Himalayan Story-teller’
“ I love to pounce on my unsuspecting brothers, especially when I hide under the bed or behind the door.......BAM! oh its so much fun ! I can't get enough hearing the sound of my voice, it's like a sweet symphony…”

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Koto aka ‘The Dog’
“... Hehe they think I am a CAT! Do you know any cat that gives paw or sits …or fetches toys (if I am not too hungry)?… Hoomas are funny bunch - I like seeing what they are up to all the time… ”

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Heimer aka ‘Treat Begger’

“Trick or treat says my human to me - I always manage to trick her into giving me a treat… meaw! … Also she doesn’t know but I sometimes rip open those nasty plastic packages and BINGO! I see treats! … meaw!”

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Alex aka ‘The King or the Killer-Look’

“I am a 19 year old Ragamuffin mix

I am a mellow fellow

but I can do a devilish glare!!”

KaZee aka ‘KeeKee or Night Vampire’

“My name is KaZee sometimes they call me KeeKee… Don't I look sweet? I am but I love to bite my Mom's fingers while she is sleeping...hard!......hehehe”

FuzzE aka ‘The Fuzz or The Hunter ’

“My name is FuzzE you can call me The Fuzz I am a Norwegian Forest Cat, I am the sweetest cat you know but I like to bring in gross things in the house - my best so far is a live mole and a dead baby bat! mewww-ewwww hehehe”

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Christina aka ‘Scream’

“ I like to scream my head off
for no reason
whatsoever… Meawwwww”

Nigel aka ‘Crazy Kitten’

“My brothers tails are my perfect toys… although they don’t always think like that… I also like my water bowl, especially when I move it around with my paw!  ”

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Phil aka ‘Mr Senior’

“I am Phil, a sweet innocent cat, sometimes I forgets that I am no longer a kitten…’

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Halloween With Daisy Blue presents

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