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The day-to-day entertainment for cats and cat lovers,  by two fluffy Ragdoll cats: Princess Daisy Blue & Fluffy Boris SugarPuffs

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Daisy Blue is a Ragdoll cat, born in September 2014, we sometimes call her 'Aunty Daisy' as Boris SugarPuffs is her nephew, yes he is also a Ragdoll.

Daisy Blue is a clever girl. She is a quick learner (especially if you reward her with teats!), she can give paw, jump over a leg, turn around, lay down and she loves going out for a walk on a lead.

Daisy Blue is very affectionate and does not like to be left alone…

Daisy Blue

Facts about the Ragdolls Cats

Origin. America. A cross breed of a Birman, a Burmese and a    Persian/Angora type cat.

Size. A large cat, males can reach up to 30lb (13.6kg) but more   commonly reach 20lb (9kg), with females weighing a little less (5 to  10lb  /2 to 5kg less). Length is up to 39” to 47” (100 to 120cm) - nose to tail.

Temperament. Sociable, friendly, intelligent (unlike most cats they can be   trained e.g. especially if rewarded with a treat).

Boris SugarPuffs was born in March 2015. His name comes from TV film series ‘All Creatures Great & Small' ( note the white tip on his tail on 3.20sec, that’s what makes Boris special :) SugarPuffs comes from… Sugar Puffs cereal (now called Honey Monster Puffs) he looks pretty much like that silly Monster on the packaging. Boris SugarPuffs however is very sweet character… until he gets bored and starts irritating Aunty Daisy

Boris SugarPuffs is a clever boy, just like Daisy. He likes fetching toys.

Boris SugarPuffs About Daisy Blue and Boris SugarPuffs