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We 'met' Samantha Flewellen on Google+, she lives in the UK and loves making fun posters. Below is our interview with her:

Samantha, how did you start making your digital art?

- I started creating pastiche and funny posters/newsletters since I can remember. On my first borrowed computer, a Windows 95, I found Lotus Smarts Suite (freelance graphics) and MS Paint.


Sounds like you were really enjoying it?

- Yes! I loved to print weird and wonderful posters and I would hang them up everywhere.

Soon I finally got my own PC and had MS paint and PowerPoint. I started to create videos on PowerPoint and made even more posters. Just for fun.

Tell us a little about yourself...

- I have learning difficulties mostly in math and reading.  I forced myself to learn.  At 16 I left school due to bulling and endless work I didn't understand.

I am sorry to hear about your difficult school days. You have a strong personality, as it did not stop you from learning and getting to know new people.

- You are right. In fact, when I found a job at the office, I used to cheer up the employees by creating silly posters, just for a laugh, and that was when I decided I should do more.

What did you decide to do?

- One day I met up with a lovely lady named Ellie. She works for Millennium Volunteers, and they needed someone to do posters for the company. They offered 'MV awards' certificates to 'new skills', when you work over 100 hours for them, which I did.

Wow. So you have a certificate?

- I have it all in writing (smile). I have passed for my posters and advertising certificate.

I bet they liked your work!

- I was the best they ever had.


Why Star Paws posters?

It all started with my favourite voice actor Sam Vincent from Star Wars. I made a short video for him, which he replied to me :). I started to make pastiche pictures again for a laugh and made more videos with them. With Star Wars on the brain and my new Google+ friends who, like me, loves cats. I decided to face a new challenge. Making new posters, not with people but cats. Since the new SW movie was coming out, I thought " Why not do Star Paws?"

Did you have any particular cats in mind?

- I was going to start with the cats I know, but I needed more cast. Quickly I had many cat owners step forward here on G+. Daisy Blue & Boris Sugarpuffs, Rufus, Vickie, Susanne F, G Spencer and Sherry all wanting their beautiful furbabies to my Star Paws posters.

How long does it take you to make Star Paws posters?

- Making them is a challenge and takes around 5 to 7 hours to complete one. Smaller posters take less than an hour.

Do you use any particular programme to create them?

- I hop, skip & jump to different programs. I do everything manually not automatically. I use Corel Paintshop Pro x7 for effects but never used Photoshop.  I stick to MS paint to make and create my green screening and PowerPoint does the rest.  

Do you record any step-by-step videos when you make a poster?

- I love to make videos explaining on 'How it's made' to teach people that the basic computer programmes can be just has good has a professional art programme.  

Did you ever do any graphic design course?

I'm, believe or not, self taught. I would like to say a huge thank you to all my wonderful new friends here on Google+. The positive feedback is overwhelming.  

...and the last question, are you planning to continue?

Would I like to do more posters?  Yes, I would.  I'll love to do more pastiche movie posters.  I have other projects I would like to do, which will take months to do, but I can do posters in between.

Samantha, thank you very much for this interview. I hope to see more of your work… and for our visitors we would like to show you Samantha's Star Paws posters below:

Samantha Flewellen

The creator of pastiche ‘Star Paws’ posters

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